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Our Strong Protest the Inclusion of Physiotherapy (back to contents)
 Profession in the R.C.I

(Notification of Govt Of India declaring the category of Physiotherapist as the 
rehabilitation Professionals Under the Provisions of the Rehabilitation Council 
India Act)

On behalf of the IAP which is the only national body of physiotherapists representing
India as a member country of the World Confederation of Physical therapists(WCPT) 
Iam compelled to express our strong protest at the inclusion of Physiotherapy 
profession in the RCI. act.We are Surprised How Physiotherapists are clubbed together 
with technicians.

Physiotherapists are now recognised as full fledged independent professionals, in the
field of modern medicine; catering acute care to the patients from all disciplines 
of medicine including the life saving measures in the intensive care setup.
rehabilitation is only a part ofthe physiotherapy management.

Like other professional Teaching programs even Physiotherapy graduate pogrammes in 
India are 4&1/2 yrs duration. Ther are nearly 100 Physiotherapy colleges and 
about 3500 students seek admission for the course per annum. Almost all such courses
are running under the faculty of medicine hence the scope of employment ids visualised
maximally under the Health Sector. Therefore it will be more appropriate to consider
physiotherapists under the ministry of Health &Family Welfare.

Even if the RCI plans to recruit one post of PT at the community setup; the total
posts all over the country will not exceed 2500. Since more than 3000 Physiotherapists 
are passing out every year, their major selection will have to depend upon hosptal job
or private practice. Therefore it is not fair to restrict the scope of autonomy to 
physiotherapists to regulate education & Practice; by forcing them into RCI. Where
they are not likely to get more than one or two seats in the executive bodies.
			    -(from the IAP news letter)

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