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A total of 120 male subjects participated in the study. The sample consisted of two groups. One
group comprised of non exercisers and the other group of exercisers of varying duration. A total
of 30 subjects were studied in the non exerciser group. The exerciser group was varied at three 
levels a) Subjects who have just started their exercise program (30 subjects) b) subjects who had 
completed a period of three months. c)Subjects who had completed a period of one year (30 subjects).
The age range was from 17 to 23 years (average 20.29).The average age for exercisers was 20.70 years, 
average age for starters was 20 to 26 yrs, average age for 6 months exercisers was 19.76 yrs and 
the average for 1 year exercisers was 19.86 yrs.


The following tests were used :
a) STAI: State - Trait anxiety inventory.
b) Self- esteem inventory
c) Personal Assessment Inventory - Depression measurement scale.
d)Adjustment inventory.
e)Questionnaire on the determents of exercise.

These tests were adminitered to the 120 subjects and the results were 
evaluated. Comparisions were made between the exercisers and non 
exerciser groups and also within the sub group of exerciser groups.
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