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The relationship between behaviour and biology has been heuristically organised around 
the three themes : health impairing and health promoting habits, illness related 
descisions and actions, and the psychophysiolgical effects of stress. Health - impairing
and health -promoting habits have a direct effect on health by introducing substances 
into the body or by using the body in a manner that alerts biological functioning. 
Smoking, Alcohol consumption, exercsie and immunisation  are some of the examples of 
these behaviours. Since time immemorial it has been recorded in the literature that 
physical exercise is the most important factor in keeping an indivdual physically healthy
and mentally alert. It is also available in the  literature that exercise has significant 
effect in doing away with the participants sublimating, anti-social tendencies and 
inferiority complexes.

This study is based on evaluating the effects of exercise on various psycho-social parameters
viz. state and trait anxiety, Self-esteem, depression and adjustment (home, social, college 
and health)

This study is designed with the following objectives

1. To evaluate differences in state anxiety levels between exercisers and non      
2. To evaluate difference in trait anxiety levels between exercisers and non    
3. To evaluate difference in depression levels between  exercisers and non exercisers.

4. To evaluate difference in self-esteem levels  between exercisers and non exercisers

5. To evaluate difference in various adjustment in life areas between exercisers and  
    non exercisers
6. To assess the general determinants of exercise.

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