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Softwares for Physiotherapy, (back to contents)

On the foothills of the next millenium, Having computerised everything
Now it is the turn of Physios to go digital, In recent times a lot of
softwares have been developed in the west for health professionals.

Now some software companies have come up with interesting PT softwares

1)THERADOC - Theradoc is a patient data storage plus schedule maintanance
and Patient record maintenance software for Therapists.
for more information visit

2)EXERCISE PRO  - this is a software for designing exercises, and includes
progressive ex charts and monitering response.( Visit for
more info)

3)PT OFFICE - A system that allows you to view and download on floppy disks
impressive 3D animations,print in black and white as well as in color, 
automatically keep track of all patient sessions, and many other powerful 
features. For a detailed description of these features  visit
Some of these sites offer Demo Versions for free trial download Why not try them!!!!

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